Why our camps are tech free

A week without phones and devices can seem daunting nowadays. Continue reading to learn more about why CYC camps are tech-free!

One aspect of CYC camps is our commitment to being a device-free space. For some adults signing young people up for camp, the idea of getting them disconnected is a huge selling point! But we can also get a lot of questions about why we’ve made this choice.

We completely understand that it can be hard to send a young person away without being able to contact them directly. Part of our commitment is to encourage adults to contact their campers through their Camp Director as needed, and we likewise encourage campers to speak to their Director if they ever need to contact home.

Continue reading to learn more about the key reasons we love tech-free camping!

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Connecting Through Disconnection

Did you know that the average teen spends more than 7 hours a day staring at a screen? As technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives, children are starting to get used to having devices in their lives from a very young age. There are plenty of benefits to being connected, but sometimes getting a break can be a breath of fresh air!

By having no phones or devices on our camp, we find that we’re able to build much deeper connections, much faster. Without the distractions of the outside world or social media filling up hours, campers get the chance to step back and build new relationships. No phones means that time is instead spent playing games, trying new activities, getting to know fellow campers, and making lifelong memories. Campers and leaders alike have found it rejuvenating to get a break from the constant hours of screen time, instead getting to spend their school holidays getting out into nature and having fun!

Keeping Precious Items Safe

We do everything we can to keep personal belongings safe on camp. However, the nature of life at camp poses major risks for damage! Between sharing rooms with other campers and spending days out on canoes and flying foxes, it can be hard to ensure that precious items don’t get damaged or misplaced somewhere onsite. Keeping devices off camp entirely is the best precaution we can take to prevent breaking or losing something important.

Respecting Privacy

Our camps are filled with young people, and we care about respecting their privacy and boundaries. When devices are on camp, there is a natural risk that photos will be taken and posts will be shared. If campers are all at camp with their own cameras readily available, we aren’t able to monitor whether respectful content is being posted or whether campers may be in photos that they didn’t consent to being in.

By having any camp photos taken by our media team, we are able to ensure that our policies are met and that all photography is in line with the consent waiver we ask from guardians before camp.

Don’t Worry – We’ve Got the Photos Covered!

Is your camper concerned about capturing all their camp memories? Are they worried about missing out on photos to look back on from their time at camp? Don’t worry, we’re going to handle it all.

CYC Camps have a dedicated media team onsite, present throughout all of camp to capture all the fun. At the conclusion of camp, parents and guardians will be emailed a link to all the photos and videos taken throughout the week. This will include photos of games, activities, session times, cabin groups, and much more! Our exceptional media team will be sure to take more than enough pictures to reminisce over for years to come.

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