Study Camp

Why can’t studying be fun? Our Study Camp is designed to give VCE students space to enjoy all the fun of camp with plenty of dedicated study time set aside.


For students completing a VCE subject, the Spring school holidays can be stressful. But, it is important to find a balance between VCE preparation and rest. For VCE students looking to make the most of their school holidays, Study Camp is the perfect solution! The purpose of Study Camp is to provide an encouraging and supportive space for students to focus on their studies, free from the distractions of home, whilst also facilitating time to rejuvenate and experience the joys of camp.

We understand that studying can be lonely, draining and boring, and there is the constant battle against distractions, procrastination and FOMO. That is why we are running Study Camp. This camp is specifically designed for you! The program facilitates study time, whilst still allowing for community, refreshment and spiritual growth.

Each day will have 4.5 hours of designated study time, with an additional 2 hours of optional study. There will be an activity each afternoon for campers to have some fun and stretch their legs. Each night, we will have a session with worship and a speaker, and space afterwards to discuss ideas and reflect together. Some key features of this camp include: - Different study environment options, - A three hour supervised practice exam session, - Group study sessions for specific subjects, - Private practice space for those preparing for practical exams (like drama, music, etc.)

Three Sixty Study Camp would be an ideal camp for any VCE student who has the desire to spend a week of their holidays participating in intentional study time and exam preparation. Check out our Three Sixty Study Camp information booklet here.

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