Leadership Development

We are passionate about developing young leaders in order to release them back to their church, school or workplace better equipped to live out their faith.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to developing young leaders, we offer a number of different development opportunities as they seek to grow in their understanding of themselves, their faith, and their leadership.

Leadership on camp

Whilst leadership on camp in itself is an incredible opportunity to develop leadership skills in the ever-changing environment of camp, we are also committed to developing our camp leaders. This happens through training sessions prior to camp, ongoing feedback and coaching during camp, as well as the opportunity for developmental feedback following camp from your Camp Director and key leadership team.

EQUIP Leadership Events

Throughout the year, we run a number of our EQUIP Leadership Events both for our leaders and for anyone interested in potentially leading with us. These events range from social events through to discipleship and growth opportunities, as well as leadership-specific training events with input from a variety of external speakers.

Our annual EQUIP Leadership Camp runs every year in December and is a great opportunity for leaders to enjoy all the best parts of camp, whilst also spending time gathering together with our leaders to learn and grow in their faith and leadership.

Resourcing schools and churches with leadership training

We also have regular opportunities to resources schools and local churches with leadership training for their school and ministry leaders. If you are from a church or a school who is interested, we would love to chat to you about what how we can tailor a training session or program for your needs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of our leadership development events, or would like to partner with us in an event going forward, email our Leadership Development Coordinator on leadership@cyc.org.au

EQUIP Leadership Camp