About our camps

Whether you are looking for a school holiday camp for a young person, adventures for the whole family or everything in between, come and experience all the fun of camp, and create memories that last a lifetime.

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About us

As the ministry department of CYC – Christian Youth Camps, CYC Ministries facilitates over 45 camps and events for young people, families and leaders across our five incredible CYC campsites in Victoria.

Whilst our Christian faith is at the core of what we do, CYC camps and events extend to young people and families from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our aim is to encourage campers to develop new skills, grow in their confidence, create lifelong memories, and engage in Christian input and discuss issues around life and faith.

Our camps

Our camps are designed to give campers an amazing experience of what it means to live life to the fullest through camp.

Our camps aim to provide campers with the chance to take time away from everyday life and experience the power of the temporary camp community. Plus, by utilising all of our amazing onsite activities as well as exciting games and programming put together by our staff and volunteer teams, there won’t be a dull moment.

As a Christian organisation, all of our camps include times of age-appropriate Christian input. There will also be times for discussion about issues around life and faith with their peers, facilitated by our experienced camp speakers and passionate volunteer teams.

Come and experience camp!

The best way for you to understand what camp is to come and experience it! You can find information for all of our camps here here or if you would like to chat to one of our staff team about which camp is right for you, either email us on info@cycministries.org.au OR request contact with one of our staff team here

See you on camp!