Week 1: 29th June – 3rd July
Week 2: 6th July – 10th July
Please note: Applications have now closed for the Winter Camp To You Programs

Cost: $30
CAMP TO YOU is a 5-day program these School Holidays where our Camp Directors and Leaders will be facilitating a range of games and activities for your child to get involved in at home. Each morning we will come together via Zoom for 3 Hours of jam-packed FUN!

As part of the CAMP TO YOU program, your child will also receive a special CAMP TO YOU BAG full of goodies and supplies that they will need for the activities throughout the week.

To sign up for CAMP TO YOU this Winter, please complete the application form below and we will be in touch.
(Please complete a separate application form for each camper)

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Medical/Behavioural and Allergy Information:
Please specify any disabilities or conditions (including behaviour) that may require special care in our delivery of the CAMP TO YOU program. Also include any allergy information of which we may need to be aware when putting the CAMP TO YOU bags together:

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Please note: The CAMP TO YOU BAGS will be delivered to the address listed above. If you require the bag to be delivered to an alternate address to the one listed, please include instructions in the comments section below.

Information about CAMP TO YOU, including the links required to access the Zoom meetings, will be sent to the parent's e-mail as entered above. If you would like these e-mails to also be sent to the camper, please enter their address below:
Camper's E-mail Address:
Does the Camper have friends who may be attending with whom they would like to be grouped together?
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I give permission for my child to participate in CAMP TO YOU, and acknowledge that this is an online meeting program conducted via Zoom, and other external online platforms such as Kahoots (teens only).

I understand that larger online meetings will be divided into smaller breakout groups for small group discussion and team activities, supervised by Volunteer Leaders. I understand that CAMP TO YOU is part of a Christian ministry program and includes Christian input and discussion times.

CAMP TO YOU Zoom meetings will only ever be conducted via a CYC Ministries owned account which is password protected, and supervised by trained Volunteer Leaders and CYC Ministries Staff. Please report any issues to

Upon acceptance into camp, parents/campers will be sent a code of coduct outlining expectations for the Zoom meetings. Campers will be removed from the Zoom meetings if they are in breach of this code of conduct and parents will be notified.

I understand that the CAMP TO YOU program is not designed as a substitute for parental supervision, and that parents/guardians retain the responsibility for supervision of their children.
Please note: Before you place the application for CAMP TO YOU, please ensure that all the information entered above is correct. Placing an application for CAMP TO YOU is an acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions above.